Asperger’s Patient With Gray hair

asperger with gray hair

In today’s word, Gray hair is the most common problem and the number is getting bigger and bigger. If you pay more attention to it, you will see almost 8 out of 10 people has gray hair. Mainly because their parents or grand parents had gray hair problem.

Though there are many other causes that are directly responsible for gray hair. But heredity is the main cause. Today I’ve seen an asperger patient who has gray hair. I’ve asked him about his gray hair and he actually felt shy and didn’t answer my question.

What I think is that, heredity may be his main cause of those gray hairs. Though there can be some other causes like nutritional facts, stress or thyroid deficiency. You can learn more about gray hair at

I think, I will need to ask that patient’s mother whether she has early gray problem or not. Then I can surely say, what’s the real reason behind those premature gray hair. I will also tell his mom to get him more vitamin rich foods so that he can prevent white hair as much as he can with the power of vitamin. I will also tell her to make his son sleep almost 8 hours of sleep daily and a very healthy diet routine.

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How To Know If You Have Aspergers

How To Know If You Have Aspergers


Are you worried that you may have Asperger syndrome? By the way, why do you think you have it?

Anyway, there are many ways to know if you are suffering from this condition or not. Parents can also conduct the AQ test on behalf of their children to know if they have Asperger syndrome. The test result makes it easier for medical professionals to perform further diagnosis.

Aspergerly has recently published an article about aspergers test. You can take the test to find out if you have autistic traits or not.

Teachers can also observe a child’s behavior at school. The child’s early school years is the best time for teachers to discover his or her unusual abilities. The teacher is usually assigned to a child. The teacher supports the child for the rest of the year, so it’s easier for her to spot the child’s unusual abilities.

Things are not the same for the teenager or adult. He or she relates to different teachers and this time, there is no support from the teacher like in his or her childhood days. The adolescent or adult is expected to be independent and handle certain things on his own.

At this stage, the teacher may not give much attention like in his early years.
If a child or adult is suspected of having Asperger syndrome, there are ways you can find out, even without a diagnosis. Once you are convinced that she child may have the condition, then you can seek medical assistance.

So, if you are worried about yourself or someone you care about having this condition, these signs should give you some clues.

Lack Of Social Skills

A very common challenge Aspies face is the inability to read and understand social cues. They find it hard to interact with other people and could even go ahead to prevent other people from talking when they are talking. They can discuss more on a particular topic of interest, rather than the main topic of discussion. They also prefer to stay alone, since they have challenges interacting with people.

Not Interested In Friendship

Because Aspies lack social skills, they prefer to stay alone. They are not interested in interacting with their peers or participate in group activities. Aspies also suffer poor grades, especially because they can’t interact with others even in group assignments.

Under-developed Motor Skills

Most Aspies have poor or under-developed motor skills. And one way you can find out is through their poor handwriting. They may also have problems catching a ball or running. However, these signs can also mean something else. But when you observe them, the best thing to do is to seek immediate medical attention.

Hate Change

A common trait with people with Asperger is that they hate change. They prefer to do the same thing over and over again. For example, they can eat the same food for breakfast every single day. In fact, people with Asperger syndrome may become extremely anxious or stressed when their routine changes.

Unusual Body Language

Aspies also display unusual body language. Their posture or facial expressions may appear unusual to other people.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Call it lack of confidence or discomfort, the fact is that people with Asperger syndrome don’t like to make eye contact. Some say it is caused by low self-esteem which leads to lack of confidence. Others say they do not feel comfortable having eye contact with other people.

Eye contact is very important in communication, but unfortunately, people with Asperger do not know. They feel comfortable not making eye contact, why the other person talking with them might read a different meaning.

Selective Mutism (SM)

This is a situation whereby an individual who does not have problems with speech, avoid speaking to certain people or in some situations. For people with Asperger syndrome, they may avoid speaking to strangers. They prefer to speak with people they know and avoid those they do not know anything about.

This condition is often displayed in the school environment or public places. Some kids avoid speaking with people they don’t know from a very tender age. They feel very comfortable speaking with only their family members. This could be an indication that someone is suffering from Asperger.


People with Asperger syndrome use their intellect to handle social challenges rather than their intuition. And this places them in a constant state of anxiety and mental alertness. As a result of this, they end up being exhausted mentally. They may also feel depressed because of the situations they find themselves.

Unable To Understand Social Cues

People with Asperger usually don’t understand social cues. They don’t know when to keep mute while talking or read meaning to signs. For instance, they may walk into a church and scream aloud. They can also walk into a noisy place and speak with a calm voice. Even when you give a sign for them to keep quiet, they may not comprehend. However, this could be an indication that someone has Asperger syndrome.

Eating Problem

An individual with Asperger syndrome may refuse to consume certain food, because of the texture, taste or aroma. Although the food may not taste bad, but they may refuse to eat based because they prefer something else.

Lacks Empathy

Individuals with Asperger syndrome lack empathy. They do not feel the pains of others or know that others have feelings too. They can play rough with their mates and say harsh words that can hurt their feelings. They do not realize that someone cries because he or she is hurt. They see it as normal and do not read any meaning into it. Even when things get out of order, they cannot control their emotions too. They can be described as being immature emotionally.

If you suspect yourself or think that someone you love dearly has Asperger, you can observe the person or yourself very closely for these traits. Through careful observation, you might notice these signs, which will motivate you to seek medical attention.

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Asperger’s Syndrome At A Glance

aspergers syndrome in adults

Syndromes and disabilities are not entertained very well in our irrational and ignorant society. That’s certainly a bad luck because if an individual lacks in one domain, he might exhibit some extraordinary skills in another one.

In the modern World, Asperger’s syndrome is not regarded as an independent diagnosis. Although the development has come recently now, it is categorized under ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). This is so because the two diseases share almost same kinds of symptoms. However, the ones exhibited by Asperger’s are fairly less intense than its competitors falling under the category of ASDs.

Although it lasts for a prolonged period, initially, it starts in the elementary years of life and is quite easily recognized by paying a little attention. For instance, if your child has Asperger’s, he won’t be able to make eye contact with you and show hesitation in public gatherings.

asperger's test for adultsJust to familiarize you with the core traits of Asperger’s, it is a disorder that triggers some ‘anomalies’ in the behavior of an individual (children in particular) which hinder his interactive and cognitive abilities. Furthermore, these people might also show an ‘unrealistic’ obsession towards specific behavioral patterns.

These unrealistic yet rational obsessions might be way out of our perceptions, but if we just look at it from their perspective, their World is entirely different. In this ignorant and intolerant society, where Asperger’s is not entertained by everyone, we cut them off the track, and then these kids develop their World. As soon as their mind gets barred from the outer World, they tend to confine everything within the premises of their ‘innocent’ intellect.

I won’t say that they think unrealistically. It’s just that they are different – way different from their colleagues who have just hoped out of their mud-eating age. For instance, let’s take an example of Jack, a boy who is affected by Asperger’s syndrome.

On his friend’s birthday, if he does not bring toy cars to allure him and instead, he brings power batteries just because he considers them more useful in the practical World, is he being insane? No! He is not insane. In fact, our perception is way under the belt to view his perspective. We cannot or probably do not even want to think that kid in his elementary years could go off the traditional behavior.

Individuals affected by Asperger’s syndrome show a significantly low understanding of social activities and gatherings which in turn, makes them less probable to initiate and carry on a conversation with anyone. As a result, they act in a way that we find awful, but in fact, it is their way of representing the symptoms of an underlying problem.

These individuals are very particular and intense about their interests and try to inculcate them everywhere. As a result, they do not have a very good understanding of communicating and interacting with people.
Several studies have revealed that the individuals (kids in particular) suffering from Asperger’s syndrome face the following problems:

  • A significant delay in attaining social maturity and reasoning skills in public
  • Difficulty in making new friends and keeping up with old friendships
  • They are often the prime targets of bullying
  • The use of language was scrupulous
  • Very possessive about particular topic(s) and interests
  • Extreme sensitivity to some sounds and aromas
  • Need extra effort from parents to learn self-management skills

How we perceive these ‘unrealistic’ obsessions, has everything to do with the nurturing of individuals affected by Asperger’s. However, we should remember that these kids are not somewhat disabled. In fact, they perceive everything differently and are very particular about their interests.

Furthermore, if they exhibit the same kind of behavior over and over again, then it is not a problem. In fact, it is a representation of their underlying problem, and that must be treated with love and attention.

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A Complete Guide To Asperger Syndrome

asperger syndome

Asperger syndrome is basically a lifetime developmental disability which can affect individuals in different ways that involves their interactions with others and differently perceive the world around them. These individuals, suffering from Asperger syndrome feel and hear things differently as compared to other human beings.

This is not a disease or any kind of illness but it is a lifelong syndrome that cannot be cured. Individuals affected by this syndrome often have mental health issues and they need different level of support from their loved ones.

These people have average intelligence level and they do not have learning disability but there is high probability that these individuals can suffer from specific learning difficulties. Often, these individuals do not suffer from speech problems but they may face certain hindrances while understanding different languages, they are actually unable to process these languages in their mind.

If these Asperger patients get the right kind of support from their loved ones, they can lead a happy and fulfilling life. People suffering from Asperger’s syndrome belong to different religions, culture and nationalities. But this syndrome majorly affects male than female.

What causes Asperger syndrome?

The exact cause of Asperger syndrome is still being investigated. However, research suggests that a number of environmental conditions, genetic factors, and exposure to toxins such as chemicals are the biggest contributors that may often result in the development of this syndrome. And the upbringing of an individual and their social conditions is not responsible for the same.

Symptoms of Asperger syndrome

Kids suffering from Asperger syndrome may often face difficulty in interacting with others. These individuals are unable to make eye contact and feel socially awkward. They are unable to engage in conversation with anyone and cannot easily respond when someone talks. In addition, these people often miss social cues that are completely known to others. This might include facial expressions, body language, and general human feelings.

These children suffering from this syndrome often fails to show emotions. They might not smile when they are happy or might not laugh at something funny. Even, his tone of voice is flat and robotic. In this condition, a child tends to repeat a single point many times if he finds it interesting.

In addition, these children repeat the same action again and again. They do not entertain any kind of change in their lives and is comfortable with the same thing that is happening over and over again.


There is no complete cure for Asperger syndrome but with the right support from friends and family, an Asperger patient can feel happy and satisfied. In addition, clinical tests will not help you to understand whether your child is suffering from Asperger or not.

Sometimes, it so happens that a child faces behavioral or developmental delays. Such issues need to be immediately reported to the doctors. Doctors often assess children based on their language development, social interactions, motor skills and behavior towards change.

As there are no clinical tests that can help in the diagnosis of this syndrome, it so happened that many Asperger patients are often misdiagnosed with other health related issues. In such situations, your child needs to be correctly diagnosed and treated effectively based on the syndrome.

This is a condition that can be effectively treated only with a team approach, which means consulting more than one doctor would give a better and fulfilling life to your child and provide them with proper care that they need. Firstly, a psychologist needs to be appointed for understanding the emotion and behavior patterns of the individual. Secondly, for treating the conditions of the brain, a pediatric neurologist must be consulted.

Thirdly, an appointment with a psychiatrist is a must, who can understand mental conditions of these patients and prescribe proper medication according to their requirements. Fourthly, a consultation with a developmental pediatrician is important who can help these patients in overcoming language barriers.

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Effective Treatment

There are a number of therapies that can help in treating your child and provide them with the proper support that they need. These include

  • Social Interactive training

Therapists conduct one on one training session with these kids and teach them how to effectively interact within a social background and respond to different scenarios.

  • Therapy concerning speech-language

This therapy is important in enhancing the communication skills of these individuals. Thus, they will be able to understand social cues, communicate with others and will be able to speak properly rather than a robotic tone.

  • Training of parents

Often, training sessions are conducted for parents so that they are able to teach different social and interactive skills to their children suffering from Asperger syndrome at the comfort of their home.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

This session is important to help your child change the way he thinks in order to control his repetitive behavior and emotions. He will be able to control his obsessions and outbursts after successful completion of this therapy.

  • Right behavior analysis

This analysis helps to enhance social and communication skills of Asperger patients. The therapists use praise as a positive action to build their level of confidence and get the right result.

  • Medication

No drugs and medicines are approved by the FDA for the treatment of Asperger syndrome. However, medicines can help in soothing the symptoms of Asperger such as depression and anxiety. Medication is useful in controlling different behaviors but it will never completely cure the syndrome. This is because it is a lifelong social disability.

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Future Outlook

Even if there is no cure for this syndrome, children suffering from the same often have productive lifestyles and grow up healthy if they are provided with proper treatment and medications.

Although many individuals suffering from Asperger syndrome have social anxiety but most of them are able to live their lives happily and independently with the love and care from their families.

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Symptoms of Autism (Aspergers)

symptom of autismAutism is a sort of brain’s disorder which occur in a child at the age of 2 or 3. Autism is a permanent growing disorder that disturbs the way an individual communicates to his or her surroundings and their communication with other persons. It disturbs the way the brain grows. The other terms for Autism disorder are infantile autism, autistic disorder, Asperger’s Disorder, Universal Developmental Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder and Rett’s Syndrome. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder and Rett’s Syndrome are very rare.

But irrespective of what you say it, autism is disease you are born with it and a disease that you will keep it with for your entire lifetime. If your child is born with Autistic disorder then it is naturally not identified till the kid displays clear external signs and symptoms, commonly around age 3 or 2. However every person is different from each other and details should be observed very carefully.

Primary intervention is very much significant. It has been shown that initial and appropriate cure and treatment can permit numerous of those individuals who suffer with autistic disorder in studies. Whereas this is correct for various individuals who suffer Autism, others possibly will necessitate lifetime help with everyday living events. Children who suffer autism might fail to search for ease or reply to close relatives.

Does my child have Autism?

As a mother or a father, you never ever want to believe that your precious child is suffering from any deficiency or disease. However when it comes to autism Disorder, then you should catch it early—preferably by the age of fifteen to eighteen months, creates a vast difference.

But no matter what is the age of your child, don’t miss confidence. Action towards cure be able to decrease the sickness’s effects and help your child study, raise, and flourish. A person who is suffer from Autism very separate from others in his or her own ways. There are some common signs or symptoms of Infantile Autism. Following are the few symptoms and signs for the Autism Disorder:

Your darling child doesn’t:

  • Make eye interaction properly.
  • Answer back to their name.
  • Retain an eye on items visually or follow your motion when you point things out.
  • Point or wave farewell, or use additional motions to talk and interact.
  • Make sounds to acquire your devotion or attention.
  • Initiate or answer to hugging.
  • Copy your movements.
  • Notice or care if you injured yourself or experience uneasiness

Regression of any kind is a serious autism warning sign

Certain children with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD start to improve communication abilities and then go back, commonly between 12 and 24 months. Let’s say, a child who was interactive with verses like “mommy” or “maa” might break using language completely, or a child might stop playing combined games.

Any damage of language, chatting, signals, or social abilities should be taken very extremely serious, as worsening is a foremost red flag for Autism Disorder. Moreover, persons with autistic disorder will have a radical chance of developing epilepsy than the general populace.

Those individuals with Autistic Disorder which is frequently stated as high-functioning autism will classically have greater than ordinary IQs and drive similarly to those who do not have autistic disorder.

Does all the people who are suffer Autism are same?

Those children who have Autistic Disorder can differ a very little in their services, abilities and the degree to which they display the symptoms of autism. Characteristically emerging children are communal by nature. They stare at looks, go in the direction of voices, hold a finger and even smile by 2 to 3 months of stage.

On the other hand, most kids who have autism disorder have trouble engaging in the compromise of ordinary human connections. By 8 to 10 months of stage, numerous children who continue to grow autism disease are presentation some signs and indications like failure to answer to their names, condensed attention in people and overdue jabbering.

By childhood, numerous offspring with autism disease have struggle playing joint games, don’t copy the movements of others and wish to play by their own.

Children who suffer Autism are unfriendly and hard-hearted.

First we have to understand how child who suffer Autistic Disorder performs or acts, and appreciate that sensory troubles in addition to the necessity for routine motivate their movements, their activities and their performances, we can design exercises to help them manage with an ever changing world.

Misconceptions and generalizations thrive about persons with autism disorder. This globe is a well place because of them. Some get the term autism as completely undesirable. However everyone on the autistic range has something to provide the world. Children and adults with autism are among the very truthful, relaxed, obsessive persons you are ever likely to meet. And they are also ideal candidates for certain types of careers.

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Misconception About The Autistic Disorder

Autistic and autism are equally common titles for a crowd of difficult syndromes of brain improvement. These syndromes are categorized, in changing units, by problems in communal communication, oral and nonverbal interaction and repetitive actions. All autistic syndromes were compound into single umbrella analysis of Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

autism disorderEarlier, they were known as separate subtypes, containing autistic illness, infant disintegrative sickness, unescapable growing disorder and Asperger disease. ASD can be connected with brain infirmity, complications in attention and physical health concerns like nap and digestive conflicts.

Autistic Disorder seems to have its origins in very primary brain growth. Though, the most noticeable symptoms of autistic disorder have a tendency to appear between 2-3 years of stage. Autistic Disorder states continues to trust study on actual and active approaches for prior analysis, as initial mediation through established interactive treatments can increase positive results.

1. The exact reason of autistic disorder is currently unidentified

Most investigators trust that It seems extreme more to be expected that they have not been capable to recognize a remedial or corrective reasons for autistic disorder.

There is no such indication that study or exploration concluded the earlier many years has been focused at classifying the reason for autistic disorder or discovering any remedy for this disorder.

Evidently, if you don’t try to find out anything you won’t find it anyway. So, I rely on the reason that has been there identified for numerous years of time period. To detect the reason for this disorder will make possible expectation and after that, anticipation.

2. Autistic disorder is associated with medicinal Issue

Autistic disorder is presently preserved as a medicinal issue while here is strong indication that the most important threat element for autistic disorder has been publicized to be the deficiency of a appropriate nutrition.

Diet is not measured a medicinal issue. That is why the reason for autistic disorder has avoided study struggles.

3. Genetic factor is the main reason for Autistic Disorder

Variations in genetic factor have been established in specific offspring by means of autistic disorder. One of the example for this is ‘Fragile X’ however the literature has not publicized what are the reasons for these genetic variations.

These variations are the outcome of features that root autistic disorder instead of the genetic variations initiating autistic disorder. Realizing the alteration is life-threatening to overcoming autistic disorder. Huge amount of bucks have been capitalized in investigation on autistic illness.

It seems that in excess of half the autistic disorder financial plan has been for genomic readings even though I haven’t established an each allowance that well-thought-out dietetic insufficiency to be a threat cause in autistic sickness.

4. There is nothing or slight to do with diet for the autistic sickness

Autistic sickness is not considered and triggered by some disease, microorganisms, virus etc. on the other hand slightly be appropriate in the classification of long-lasting syndromes.

Past time has evidently publicized that peak of all long-lasting illnesses are triggered by any one of quite a lot of dietetic absences. This would comprise the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and cholesterol to title a little.

Some of the examples of illnesses prohibited or preserved by way of these nutrients contain scurvy, spinal bifida, pellagra, rickets, goiter, several genetic deficiencies, skin sicknesses, spiteful anemia, etc. Diet or the absence thereof has very nearly the lot to do by way of autistic diseases.

5. Autistic Disorder is triggered by Injections

One answer of the very simple query must be responded is, what is the difference among the those children who experience autistic disorder in a while later being inoculated compared to those children who do not experience the warning signs?

There are extreme number of offspring inoculated that don’t advance the signs and that is going to create it hard to give responsibility to injections as the reason. The level of fighting to features in injections possibly will sound be contingent upon the suitability of the nutrition.

Slight number of offspring that progress indications resulting injections might share mutual dietetic shortages and deficiencies, however according to my understanding this hasn’t been appraised or considered.

6. Autistic disorder is initiated by environmental pollutants

Environmental pollutants are no doubt a threat cause for autistic disorder but our intelligence speaks that this should be a quite little threat meanwhile study struggles have not exposed a smoldering rifle in huge period of time.

In the end as a result of change that is built for exciting captions and is a decent idea to looking for the study contributions, no bridge could be find. In the meantime offspring are suffering and people are left to alive by means of threats of autistic disorders.

7. Autistic disorder is also caused by ancestors

Latest research have advised that ancestors are the reasons for bigger threat of the kid who suffer autistic disorder. The issue with the research which is noticed my me is that it didn’t study the nutritive follows being followed by those persons.

And their attitudes doesn’t comprise strong nutritious diets which could have a substantial influence on the nutrients their offspring would be obtained.

8. The only best way to prevent autistic disorder is medication

Almost most of the signs of autism is cured by medication, not what is initiating autism. The greatest technique to cure autistic disorder is to remove that cause which is initiating this disease.

In case if it’s about any other long-lasting illnesses, the reason is poor diet, then the good cure is to remove the shortages. It do not ensure the cure because there is no identified medicine that will preserve autistic disorder.


These were the few misconceptions about the autistic disorder that do not ensure any way to prevent this autism and other nerve sicknesses. So long as the suggestion of tolerable diet is unnoticed or escaped in autism study, we know how to suppose the outcomes of study to stay in a round without actual development that aids offspring or families.

We will merely carry on the appreciation in the quantity of offspring and families influenced and a substantial development in the line of work provided with facilities for these offspring and families. With inevitability this will impact a big monetary problem on those individual who pay taxes for these facilities.

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