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asperger syndome

Asperger syndrome is basically a lifetime developmental disability which can affect individuals in different ways that involves their interactions with others and differently perceive the world around them. These individuals, suffering from Asperger syndrome feel and hear things differently as compared to other human beings.

This is not a disease or any kind of illness but it is a lifelong syndrome that cannot be cured. Individuals affected by this syndrome often have mental health issues and they need different level of support from their loved ones.

These people have average intelligence level and they do not have learning disability but there is high probability that these individuals can suffer from specific learning difficulties. Often, these individuals do not suffer from speech problems but they may face certain hindrances while understanding different languages, they are actually unable to process these languages in their mind.

If these Asperger patients get the right kind of support from their loved ones, they can lead a happy and fulfilling life. People suffering from Asperger’s syndrome belong to different religions, culture and nationalities. But this syndrome majorly affects male than female.

What causes Asperger syndrome?

The exact cause of Asperger syndrome is still being investigated. However, research suggests that a number of environmental conditions, genetic factors, and exposure to toxins such as chemicals are the biggest contributors that may often result in the development of this syndrome. And the upbringing of an individual and their social conditions is not responsible for the same.

Symptoms of Asperger syndrome

Kids suffering from Asperger syndrome may often face difficulty in interacting with others. These individuals are unable to make eye contact and feel socially awkward. They are unable to engage in conversation with anyone and cannot easily respond when someone talks. In addition, these people often miss social cues that are completely known to others. This might include facial expressions, body language, and general human feelings.

These children suffering from this syndrome often fails to show emotions. They might not smile when they are happy or might not laugh at something funny. Even, his tone of voice is flat and robotic. In this condition, a child tends to repeat a single point many times if he finds it interesting.

In addition, these children repeat the same action again and again. They do not entertain any kind of change in their lives and is comfortable with the same thing that is happening over and over again.


There is no complete cure for Asperger syndrome but with the right support from friends and family, an Asperger patient can feel happy and satisfied. In addition, clinical tests will not help you to understand whether your child is suffering from Asperger or not.

Sometimes, it so happens that a child faces behavioral or developmental delays. Such issues need to be immediately reported to the doctors. Doctors often assess children based on their language development, social interactions, motor skills and behavior towards change.

As there are no clinical tests that can help in the diagnosis of this syndrome, it so happened that many Asperger patients are often misdiagnosed with other health related issues. In such situations, your child needs to be correctly diagnosed and treated effectively based on the syndrome.

This is a condition that can be effectively treated only with a team approach, which means consulting more than one doctor would give a better and fulfilling life to your child and provide them with proper care that they need. Firstly, a psychologist needs to be appointed for understanding the emotion and behavior patterns of the individual. Secondly, for treating the conditions of the brain, a pediatric neurologist must be consulted.

Thirdly, an appointment with a psychiatrist is a must, who can understand mental conditions of these patients and prescribe proper medication according to their requirements. Fourthly, a consultation with a developmental pediatrician is important who can help these patients in overcoming language barriers.

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Effective Treatment

There are a number of therapies that can help in treating your child and provide them with the proper support that they need. These include

  • Social Interactive training

Therapists conduct one on one training session with these kids and teach them how to effectively interact within a social background and respond to different scenarios.

  • Therapy concerning speech-language

This therapy is important in enhancing the communication skills of these individuals. Thus, they will be able to understand social cues, communicate with others and will be able to speak properly rather than a robotic tone.

  • Training of parents

Often, training sessions are conducted for parents so that they are able to teach different social and interactive skills to their children suffering from Asperger syndrome at the comfort of their home.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

This session is important to help your child change the way he thinks in order to control his repetitive behavior and emotions. He will be able to control his obsessions and outbursts after successful completion of this therapy.

  • Right behavior analysis

This analysis helps to enhance social and communication skills of Asperger patients. The therapists use praise as a positive action to build their level of confidence and get the right result.

  • Medication

No drugs and medicines are approved by the FDA for the treatment of Asperger syndrome. However, medicines can help in soothing the symptoms of Asperger such as depression and anxiety. Medication is useful in controlling different behaviors but it will never completely cure the syndrome. This is because it is a lifelong social disability.

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Future Outlook

Even if there is no cure for this syndrome, children suffering from the same often have productive lifestyles and grow up healthy if they are provided with proper treatment and medications.

Although many individuals suffering from Asperger syndrome have social anxiety but most of them are able to live their lives happily and independently with the love and care from their families.

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