Asperger’s Syndrome At A Glance

aspergers syndrome in adults

Syndromes and disabilities are not entertained very well in our irrational and ignorant society. That’s certainly a bad luck because if an individual lacks in one domain, he might exhibit some extraordinary skills in another one.

In the modern World, Asperger’s syndrome is not regarded as an independent diagnosis. Although the development has come recently now, it is categorized under ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). This is so because the two diseases share almost same kinds of symptoms. However, the ones exhibited by Asperger’s are fairly less intense than its competitors falling under the category of ASDs.

Although it lasts for a prolonged period, initially, it starts in the elementary years of life and is quite easily recognized by paying a little attention. For instance, if your child has Asperger’s, he won’t be able to make eye contact with you and show hesitation in public gatherings.

asperger's test for adultsJust to familiarize you with the core traits of Asperger’s, it is a disorder that triggers some ‘anomalies’ in the behavior of an individual (children in particular) which hinder his interactive and cognitive abilities. Furthermore, these people might also show an ‘unrealistic’ obsession towards specific behavioral patterns.

These unrealistic yet rational obsessions might be way out of our perceptions, but if we just look at it from their perspective, their World is entirely different. In this ignorant and intolerant society, where Asperger’s is not entertained by everyone, we cut them off the track, and then these kids develop their World. As soon as their mind gets barred from the outer World, they tend to confine everything within the premises of their ‘innocent’ intellect.

I won’t say that they think unrealistically. It’s just that they are different – way different from their colleagues who have just hoped out of their mud-eating age. For instance, let’s take an example of Jack, a boy who is affected by Asperger’s syndrome.

On his friend’s birthday, if he does not bring toy cars to allure him and instead, he brings power batteries just because he considers them more useful in the practical World, is he being insane? No! He is not insane. In fact, our perception is way under the belt to view his perspective. We cannot or probably do not even want to think that kid in his elementary years could go off the traditional behavior.

Individuals affected by Asperger’s syndrome show a significantly low understanding of social activities and gatherings which in turn, makes them less probable to initiate and carry on a conversation with anyone. As a result, they act in a way that we find awful, but in fact, it is their way of representing the symptoms of an underlying problem.

These individuals are very particular and intense about their interests and try to inculcate them everywhere. As a result, they do not have a very good understanding of communicating and interacting with people.
Several studies have revealed that the individuals (kids in particular) suffering from Asperger’s syndrome face the following problems:

  • A significant delay in attaining social maturity and reasoning skills in public
  • Difficulty in making new friends and keeping up with old friendships
  • They are often the prime targets of bullying
  • The use of language was scrupulous
  • Very possessive about particular topic(s) and interests
  • Extreme sensitivity to some sounds and aromas
  • Need extra effort from parents to learn self-management skills

How we perceive these ‘unrealistic’ obsessions, has everything to do with the nurturing of individuals affected by Asperger’s. However, we should remember that these kids are not somewhat disabled. In fact, they perceive everything differently and are very particular about their interests.

Furthermore, if they exhibit the same kind of behavior over and over again, then it is not a problem. In fact, it is a representation of their underlying problem, and that must be treated with love and attention.

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