Asperger’s Patient With Gray hair

asperger with gray hair

In today’s word, Gray hair is the most common problem and the number is getting bigger and bigger. If you pay more attention to it, you will see almost 8 out of 10 people has gray hair. Mainly because their parents or grand parents had gray hair problem.

Though there are many other causes that are directly responsible for gray hair. But heredity is the main cause. Today I’ve seen an asperger patient who has gray hair. I’ve asked him about his gray hair and he actually felt shy and didn’t answer my question.

What I think is that, heredity may be his main cause of those gray hairs. Though there can be some other causes like nutritional facts, stress or thyroid deficiency. You can learn more about gray hair at

I think, I will need to ask that patient’s mother whether she has early gray problem or not. Then I can surely say, what’s the real reason behind those premature gray hair. I will also tell his mom to get him more vitamin rich foods so that he can prevent white hair as much as he can with the power of vitamin. I will also tell her to make his son sleep almost 8 hours of sleep daily and a very healthy diet routine.

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