How To Know If You Have Aspergers

How To Know If You Have Aspergers


Are you worried that you may have Asperger syndrome? By the way, why do you think you have it?

Anyway, there are many ways to know if you are suffering from this condition or not. Parents can also conduct the AQ test on behalf of their children to know if they have Asperger syndrome. The test result makes it easier for medical professionals to perform further diagnosis.

Aspergerly has recently published an article about aspergers test. You can take the test to find out if you have autistic traits or not.

Teachers can also observe a child’s behavior at school. The child’s early school years is the best time for teachers to discover his or her unusual abilities. The teacher is usually assigned to a child. The teacher supports the child for the rest of the year, so it’s easier for her to spot the child’s unusual abilities.

Things are not the same for the teenager or adult. He or she relates to different teachers and this time, there is no support from the teacher like in his or her childhood days. The adolescent or adult is expected to be independent and handle certain things on his own.

At this stage, the teacher may not give much attention like in his early years.
If a child or adult is suspected of having Asperger syndrome, there are ways you can find out, even without a diagnosis. Once you are convinced that she child may have the condition, then you can seek medical assistance.

So, if you are worried about yourself or someone you care about having this condition, these signs should give you some clues.

Lack Of Social Skills

A very common challenge Aspies face is the inability to read and understand social cues. They find it hard to interact with other people and could even go ahead to prevent other people from talking when they are talking. They can discuss more on a particular topic of interest, rather than the main topic of discussion. They also prefer to stay alone, since they have challenges interacting with people.

Not Interested In Friendship

Because Aspies lack social skills, they prefer to stay alone. They are not interested in interacting with their peers or participate in group activities. Aspies also suffer poor grades, especially because they can’t interact with others even in group assignments.

Under-developed Motor Skills

Most Aspies have poor or under-developed motor skills. And one way you can find out is through their poor handwriting. They may also have problems catching a ball or running. However, these signs can also mean something else. But when you observe them, the best thing to do is to seek immediate medical attention.

Hate Change

A common trait with people with Asperger is that they hate change. They prefer to do the same thing over and over again. For example, they can eat the same food for breakfast every single day. In fact, people with Asperger syndrome may become extremely anxious or stressed when their routine changes.

Unusual Body Language

Aspies also display unusual body language. Their posture or facial expressions may appear unusual to other people.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Call it lack of confidence or discomfort, the fact is that people with Asperger syndrome don’t like to make eye contact. Some say it is caused by low self-esteem which leads to lack of confidence. Others say they do not feel comfortable having eye contact with other people.

Eye contact is very important in communication, but unfortunately, people with Asperger do not know. They feel comfortable not making eye contact, why the other person talking with them might read a different meaning.

Selective Mutism (SM)

This is a situation whereby an individual who does not have problems with speech, avoid speaking to certain people or in some situations. For people with Asperger syndrome, they may avoid speaking to strangers. They prefer to speak with people they know and avoid those they do not know anything about.

This condition is often displayed in the school environment or public places. Some kids avoid speaking with people they don’t know from a very tender age. They feel very comfortable speaking with only their family members. This could be an indication that someone is suffering from Asperger.


People with Asperger syndrome use their intellect to handle social challenges rather than their intuition. And this places them in a constant state of anxiety and mental alertness. As a result of this, they end up being exhausted mentally. They may also feel depressed because of the situations they find themselves.

Unable To Understand Social Cues

People with Asperger usually don’t understand social cues. They don’t know when to keep mute while talking or read meaning to signs. For instance, they may walk into a church and scream aloud. They can also walk into a noisy place and speak with a calm voice. Even when you give a sign for them to keep quiet, they may not comprehend. However, this could be an indication that someone has Asperger syndrome.

Eating Problem

An individual with Asperger syndrome may refuse to consume certain food, because of the texture, taste or aroma. Although the food may not taste bad, but they may refuse to eat based because they prefer something else.

Lacks Empathy

Individuals with Asperger syndrome lack empathy. They do not feel the pains of others or know that others have feelings too. They can play rough with their mates and say harsh words that can hurt their feelings. They do not realize that someone cries because he or she is hurt. They see it as normal and do not read any meaning into it. Even when things get out of order, they cannot control their emotions too. They can be described as being immature emotionally.

If you suspect yourself or think that someone you love dearly has Asperger, you can observe the person or yourself very closely for these traits. Through careful observation, you might notice these signs, which will motivate you to seek medical attention.

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