Learn More Here About Radiation And Whays To Protect Oneself When Working WIth It

There are many professions that cause a risk to the health and safety of the employees performing required tasks. For example, the health care field is one that often times performs x-ray examinations or those that work in rooms where x-rays are used. In such situations, lead aprons are worn to reduce radiation exposure. Individuals can learn more here regarding the use of these aprons and the proper storage techniques to keep them effective.

Times Wearing A Lead Apron Is Important

As the number of procedures increases, wearing a lead apron becomes more and more important, especially if it is a fluoroscopically guided x-ray procedure. In this instance, the x-ray beam stays on for a much longer time, such as 30 to 60 minutes, or longer. Because of this, wearing protective gear is especially important, as it will keep the staff doses as low as can be.

Storing Protective Gear Properly

To ensure that protective gear is working properly, it is important to store them properly. If they are stored incorrectly, creases and cracks can occur in the lead, and this decreases the gear’s effectiveness. There are racks and designated hangers in x-ray areas designed to hang the aprons without any creases or cracks in them. If these are not available, simply use a regular hanger (making sure it can handle the weight) or lay the apron flat on a counter or desk.

Radiation Exposure Can Lead To Numerous Illnesses

Radiation is dangerous and can lead to many symptoms in a person. Such symptoms include headaches, fever, vomiting, hair loss, low blood pressure, infections, weakness, diarrhea, and internal bleeding. Radiation exposure, even in small doses, may lead to various forms of cancer. To eliminate such symptoms and cancer potential, it is important to wear protective gear in a workplace where radiation is used.

Radiation is dangerous and helpful at the same time. To the sick person, radiation is needed to find out what is affecting them and is also used in treatment options for cancer patients. However, for those administering the exams, radiation can be detrimental to their health. Wearing protective gear will keep them from getting high doses of the radiation while performing their job duties.

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