Vein Health Through Veinotonics and Spa Health

Veinotonics can be indicated in case of functional signs (pain, heavy legs, etc.): they are not designed to prevent varicosities, and they have no action on the diameter of the varicose veins. Since Vein Health is so important, it is best to speak with a specialist before deciding on a particular treatment.


The prescription period must be extended beyond one month to be effective. The combination of several veinotonics to improve symptoms has not been demonstrated. The prescription of veinotonics beyond three months is justified only in case of reappearance, or the aggravation of the symptoms after the treatment is over. This prescription must be in addition to routine venous hygiene and compression and cannot replace surgery or sclerotherapy.

Venotonic management concerning chronic venous insufficiency is marginal. The actual benefit of these drugs is considered insufficient enough to warrant health insurance coverage.

Spa treatments

Spa therapy lasts three weeks and improves some symptoms that are not combined with other treatments. It is complementary to other means of treatment but, in no case, can be substituted for other therapeutics (compression, surgery, or sclerotherapy). A spa treatment can improve the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency in several ways.

The so-called phlebological indications are:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency with cutaneous signs whatever the stage (from dermatitis to ulcer)
  • In the course of severe deep vein thrombosis
  • Venous edema and heavy leg syndromes

The contraindications are:

  • Cardiac or respiratory insufficiency
  • A recent infection
  • An evolutive cancer
  • A rheumatic inflammatory disease
  • Treatments which diminish the immune defenses, etc.

Spa treatments are covered by health insurance if they are prescribed by a doctor or vascular surgeon. Talk to a specialist to learn more.

Reducing further problems

In the treated territory, the rate of recurrence is considerably reduced. Another advantage is that the choice of techniques available has expanded and, as their results are very close, specialists can use the one with which he or she is most comfortable with, while considering the vein to be treated and the desires of the patient: do they want to go home in a couple of hours? Does he or she prefer to be taken care of in the hospital?

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